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Irish Law Firm

Foreign investors who are considering investing in Ireland can obtain legal assistance on the registration of a local company from our lawyers in Dublin, who can help businessmen in opening any of the company types prescribed by the Irish commercial legislation. They can also receive advice on other corporate matters, such as tax advice and planning. 

Our team is committed to providing high quality services for the registration of an Irish business; with a team of lawyers that is ready to offer a wide range of legal services, investors can start their business activities in this country in a fast manner and they can also receive up-to-date information on the accounting requirements imposed to any Irish company type (the accounting standards that have to be followed can vary based on the selected company type).

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered
by our Irish law firm

Business litigation involving breach of contract, shareholder and director disputes. Complete representation and trial services

Company formation in 

Assistance during incorporation and registration as per the selected business form, applying for special permits and licenses
Banking  Finance and regulatory matters, loan and security documentation, special services for banks and financial services providers

Drafting employment agreements, employee termination, labour litigation, employee data protection

International investments in Ireland Complete assistance for mergers and acquisitions, branches or franchises, provided by our Irish law firm
Tax matters 

Tax compliance, VAT and EORI registration in Ireland


Complete assistance during the insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, assistance for creditors as needed

Intellectual property Trademark application in Ireland, assistance in copyright infringement cases and with other IP rights issues
Debt recovery services offered by our Irish law firm Amicable debt recovery and, as needed, initiating the court debt collection proceedings
Real estate issues Commercial and residential property sale and purchase for corporate investors, real estate due diligence, real estate ownership transfer
Residential conveyancing Legal services for individuals who buy or sell residential property in Ireland
Individual employment Unfair dismissal, disciplinary measures, workplace discrimination or harassment
Civil litigation assisted by our experts Assistance and legal representation in civil law cases (personal injuries, small claims, negligence in civil cases, etc.)
Divorce and family law Divorce applications in Ireland, child maintenance and custody, adoption and surrogacy, the division of property after divorce, wills and probate
Immigration in Ireland Applications for a work permit, a retirement visa or other visas including those for investors, residence permit extensions, applications for Irish citizenship by naturalization or descent
Restructuring   We assist companies going through the insolvency process, both voluntary and compulsory.

Personal injury 

 We handle many types of personal injury cases, such as slip and fall injuries, car accidents, and many more.

 Work accidents

A special division of our team can help you understand your options and your rights if you were injured at work. 

 Medical negligence We assist victims of medical negligence who wish to claim compensations for the losses suffered. 
 Drink driving

We offer legal advice and representation as needed to clients charged with drink driving. 

 Foreign national employment issues

If you are a foreign national facing issues with his employment in Ireland, our team can help you. 


Individuals can rely on our assistance for drafting wills, intestacy, as well as matters concerning inheritance tax planning. 

Trusts and probate 

Legal representation during the probate phase, as well as assistance in setting up a trust that will provide the legal arrangement needed to substitute probate. 

Environmental Law 

We answer questions for companies concerned with matters involving planning and environmental codes. 

 Maritime Law  Businesses can rely on our assistance for matters concerning maritime shipping and individuals can send us their questions if they own or wish to own a vessel.
 Mediation/alternative dispute resolution

When we believe that our clients can make use of alternative dispute resolution methods, our team is ready to offer the assistance needed during this process. 

 Regulation and control

As per the regulations in force applicable to legal services providers. 

 Our team

Our solicitors have relevant experience in all areas of law and advise a broad range of clients. 

 Reasons to work with us

We are an experienced team offering tailored advice. Our aim is to provide the most suitable outcome for our clients. 

 When to contact us As soon as you need legal assistance or legal representation or even if you only need answers to certain legal questions. 

The legal services that we offer are divided into the following main categories which follow the basic aspects that businessmen usually have to face when investing in a foreign country:

  • company formation services (the procedures for opening a local company);
  • audit and accounting;
  • bookkeeping or tax planning.

Our experts work with a team of accountants in Ireland who are able to assist companies of all sizes with their ongoing tax compliance. Among the most requested services we mention bookkeeping, the preparation and submission of the annual financial statements, tax filing and payment, payroll solutions for your Irish employees, as well as others. You can reach out to us for details.

Our lawyers in Ireland are also prepared to assist investors in company administration procedures, obtaining work permits or other types of residence permits, trust services or back-office services. 

Over the years, the lawyers we collaborate with have helped both small and large businesses to set up their operations in Ireland. Our office is set up in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, but investors can request the assistance of our professionals when opening a business in any other region of the country. If you need a lawyer in Ireland, our legal team is at your disposal for any legal issue you may deal with. We focus on business services, however, our attorneys who specialize in divorce in Ireland are also able to assist individual clients.

Why choose our law firm in Ireland?

Our Irish lawyers are able to provide clients with professional support in problems arising in connection with the laws and regulations in Ireland. Every industry is governed by a rule of law that requires special attention; therefore you need the consultancy of a lawyer in Ireland to prevent any problems that may occur, or if they were already installed, to solve them in the most favorable manner to you.

For us, the guarantee of success requires compliance with strict rules of professional ethics and the desire to put all our resources

in the services offered by our Irish law firm. We organize the best legal strategies to a positive outcome for our clients. We strive constantly to provide our customers with advice, assistance and representation of high professional quality in cases that involve taxes in Irelandpayroll serviceslitigations and in many other legal fields. 

Our law firm in Ireland can provide clients with legal services (advice and representation in front of a local court) in all areas, including commercial law, and they are able to represent you in front of any institution through the power of attorneyOur lawyers in Ireland are also able to issue legal opinions on any matter requested by the client, providing customized legal solutions for each client in accordance to his or her business activity.

What’s more, our lawyers are also able to assist clients with personal services, such as divorce in Ireland.

What are the major concerns when starting a business in Ireland? 

Before starting the procedure of opening a company in Ireland, we suggest you to ask for our lawyers’ services in order to facilitate the company formation proceedingsOur Irish law firm is able to manage all the steps needed for company incorporation in this country: from your oath before a Commissioner for Oaths or a Practicing Solicitor, to the delivery of all necessary documents at the Companies Registration Office and finalizing with the registration with other competent authorities for VAT and social insurance

We invite you to read our comprehensive article about the process of establishing a company in Ireland in order to find more on this subject. Our team of lawyers in Dublin, Ireland has numerous partners across the world specialized in company formation matters, so if you are interested in starting a company in Lithuania or establishing a company in an Asian country, such as India feel free to contact us. 


What are the main business forms available for foreign investors in Ireland?  

Foreign investors can set up any of the legal entities prescribed by the Companies Act 2014, as there are no restrictions applied to foreign entities investing in this country. However, it is important to know that most of the Irish companies are set up as limited liability companies, due to the fact that the investors (who are considered shareholders) benefit from a wide range of advantages (for example, limited liability on the company’s debts). As a general rule, investors may set up the following business forms

  • private limited company –  the most common way to start a business in Ireland as the liability of the shareholders is limited to the number of shares they own in the company;
  • designated activity company  – a new type of business form prescribed by the Companies Act 2014, which can enter only in the activities specified in the company’s statutory documents;
  • public limited company – it does not impose any restriction on the number of shareholders, but it needs at least two directors and a minimum share capital of EUR 25,000;
  • unlimited company – this type of business form represents approximately 2% of all the Irish companies operating on the local market and investors can set up three types of unlimited companies;
  • company limited by guarantee – the most suitable way to start a charity business or a non-governmental organization;
  • limited partnership – it must be set up by two partners, in which one of the partner assumes general liability, while the other has limited liability;
  • Societas Europaea – it can be registered in Ireland under the European Union’s Regulation 2157/2001 and it can be set up as a subsidiary or as a holding company

Our corporate lawyers in Ireland can help you open any type of company in this country and can also assist you in other business related matters, such as VAT registration or obbtaining a special permit or license for your new business.

We invite you to watch the following video about the legal services we provide:

How can non-EU investors enter the Irish business market? 

Foreign investors who reside outside the European Union (EU) may enter business activities in Ireland only if they obtain an investor visa, which is not required in the case of EU businessmenIreland provides several investor visas, such as the Immigrant Investor Programme, available for businessmen who can commit to invest between EUR 500,000 and 2 million (funding obtained from own resources). 

Those who want to invest in the fields of arts, sports, health and education are expected to provide a capital of minimum EUR 500,000 and those who want to invest in an Irish company are required to provide a capital of EUR 1 million. This type of visa allows the investor’s close family members to relocate to Ireland for a period of maximum 5 years.  

How can our Irish lawyers assist investors in company liquidation procedures? 

In case a company cannot continue its business activities, our law firm in Ireland will provide specific services to guide you in the procedure of liquidationOur attorneys are able to help you in all situations, whether the matter targets a members’ voluntary liquidation, a creditors’ voluntary liquidation or a compulsory liquidation. Please consult this comprehensive material about the company liquidation procedure in Ireland

How can our law firm in Ireland advise on tax matters? 

Our lawyers in Dublin can provide clients with information about the types of taxes available in Ireland and can help them comply with the taxation system. Moreover, our team of attorneys in Ireland can advise clients upon the most effective tax minimization strategies, legal methods that are meant to help companies reduce taxes

We can provide professional counseling and representation for the avoidance of double taxation, following the agreements signed by Ireland – called “Double Tax Treaties”, most of them being elaborated after the OECD model. In case you want to verify if there is a DTA signed between your country of residence and Ireland, please use our instant tax calculator, which will also show you the taxes your company in Ireland must pay.

Debt collection services in Ireland

As many entrepreneurs have had unpleasant surprises in collecting payments, our Irish law firm has developed certain strategies for debt collection servicesOur Irish lawyers will sustain you in all the actions required to fulfill the claim. You can count on us for measures such as sending the demand letters and representation in all the trial procedurescourt hearings and in relations with other competent authorities. 

How can we assist investors in purchasing Irish shelf companies? 

Irish shelf companies are legal entities that have already been incorporated, which are available for sale. This option is suitable for businessmen who want to set up their operations in Ireland as soon as possible, without having to go through the standard incorporation procedure. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can advise on the documents that have to be submitted with the local authorities. 

Even so, certain registration procedures have to be completed, but the advantage of the shelf company is that these procedures (such as the transfer of ownership rightsappointing directors, changing the company’s business address and others) can be completed in just several days. Most of the shelf companies that can be purchased in Ireland can be set up as private limited companies or as public limited companies, but most of the investors choose to purchase the first mentioned type of legal entity. Our lawyer in Ireland can definitely help you purchase a ready made company and start your business as fast as possible. Our law firm is part of an international legal network and businessmen interested in setting up companies in another country, for example in China or in setting up an offshore company in Belize can receive specialized assistance from our partners.

Establish a holding company in Ireland

We also provide support for opening a holding company in Ireland, a type of legal entity established with the purpose of owning shares in other companies. Our attorneys in Ireland will explain the advantages related to a holding company, among which reduced or exempt withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties or exempt capital taxes on profits.  

Why request virtual office services in Ireland?

Foreign investors also have the possibility of starting a business activity in Ireland through the services of a virtual office, which is a physical place for doing business located in a prestigious area of a city (usually, set up in a commercial or business center). 

One of the main advantages of a virtual office is given by the costs of the selected services, which are considerably lower compared to running a traditional office; the services of a virtual office can cost between EUR 50 – EUR 150 per month, depending on the virtual office package selected by the businessmen. 

Running a business through a virtual office is the ideal solution for a small business or for businessmen who can carry their activities in a flexible manner and who can hire employees that can conclude their tasks from any given location, another advantage being that investors can employ personnel living in any country, provided that they have the necessary abilities.  Our lawyer in Ireland can provide you with virtual office services.

For more information about the legal services provided by our lawyers in Dublin or for a personalized offer, do not hesitate to contact our Irish law firmOur team of attorneys can offer legal advice to natural persons as well, on common matters, such as obtaining the Irish citizenship or a work permit as a foreigner. Our lawyers who specialize in divorce in Ireland are also ready to assist. Foreign businessmen who need legal assistance in other European countries, such as Montenegro, can receive assistance from our partners.