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A Short Guide on Irish Courts

A Short Guide on Irish Courts

Modern Irish Court system originates in the Constitution adopted in 1922, which enacted Ireland as Free State. In 1924 Ireland had established the Courts of Justice Act – the legal basis under which all Irish Courts function. 

Irish Judicial System 

Children Court – It deals with the infringement of the law cases, where the defendant is a person under 18 years old. It was created under The Children Act of 2001 and judges and prosecutors have to follow special training, dedicated to child psychology. 

District Court – It functions on a regional basis (23 District Court Districts and Dublin Metropolitan District) and it deals with civil matters (based on a contract, tort, land and property ownership, but where the claims do not exceed 15.000 EUR) and criminal matters.  

Small Claims Court – It deals with consumers’ complaints that do not exceed 2.000 EUR. The complaints can be about faulty products, minor damages to properties, non-return of a rent deposit. Our law firm in Ireland can give further information about all claims accepted in this court. 

Circuit Court – There are eight Circuit Courts in Ireland. This type of court functions under local, limited jurisdiction and it can deal with both civil and criminal matters. It can decide in legal matters where the claim is of maximum 75.000 EUR. It is also one of teh courts that hears matters related to divorce in Ireland.

High Court – It deals with civil and criminal matters (treason, obstruction of government, murder, piracy), where the claim is above 75.000 EUR. Our Irish lawyers can present to you more details on how the Irish High Court is organized. 

Commercial Court – It was established in 2004 as a division of the High Court to offer legal resolutions for commercial cases, in which the value of the claim is at least one million EUR. 

Special Criminal Court – Established in 1972 to rule criminal cases related to explosive substances, firearms or state acts.

Court of Appeal – The main function of this court, established in 2014, is to hear appeals from the High Court and the Circuit Court and it has jurisdictions in civil and criminal matters that can’t be settled at the other two Courts. 

Court of Criminal Appeal – It will cease to exist after the cases disputed before 28 October 2014 will be settled. Cases disputed after these dates are taken over by the Court of Appeal.

Supreme Court of Ireland – it appeals cases from the Court of Appeal and High Court, if these cases are of public importance and if the justice decides that is necessary that the Supreme Court appeals on certain legal matters

Legal Representation in Ireland

If you need legal representation in  any of the Irish Courts presented aboveour attorneys in Ireland can help you resolve your disputes. Those who are interested in divorce in Ireland can reach out to us for legal representation in court.

For more details about the Irish legal system or for legal personalized advice, please contact our local law firm.