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Articles of Association in Ireland

Articles of Association in Ireland

The articles of association in Ireland are some of the most important statutory documents of a newly formed company. The articles of association must respect the provisions stated in the Companies Act 2014. The document provides important regulations referring to the associates in a company, as well as the internal rules governing the respective legal entity. Our team of Irish lawyers can assist foreign investors with more information related to the legislation referring to the articles of association

Statutory documents in Ireland  

The main statutory documents for a company registered in Ireland are the memorandum and the articles of association. These documents are compulsory for almost all types of legal entities available in Ireland, but it is important to know that the private company limited by shares is governed by a constitution, under the provisions of the Companies Act 2014

The articles of association represent a critical document related to the management of the company and in order to be enforced, they must be signed by the directors and the company’s secretary

When drafting the articles of association is it recommended to receive legal assistance from lawyers in Ireland, who are familiar with the latest modifications applicable under the Irish legislation. The document is comprised of a set of articles which are suitable for the respective legal entity. 

Our Irish law firm can provide legal assistance on the how to set up the articles of association taking into account the business form of the future company

Requirements for the Irish articles of association 

In order to legalize the articles of association, they will firstly need to respect the provisions of the Companies Act 2014. They have to be printed on paper and to respect the requirements established for various legal entity. For example, if the company is incorporated as a limited company, the articles of association will have to state the word “Limited” and not the abbreviation “Ltd”.

The articles must also contain the signatures of the company’s representatives, which must be witnessed and dated. Further on, the shareholders of the company must handwrite the number of shares they will own. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland for more legal details related to the articles of association