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GDPR Legislation in Ireland

GDPR Legislation in Ireland

As a member of the European Union (EU), Ireland had to adopt the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new rule of law that imposes a set of measures and standards concerning the protection of data of Irish and European citizens. The Data Protection Act 2018 was signed in Ireland on 24th of May 2018, one day prior to the date at which all EU member states had to apply the new regulation

The GDPR in Ireland imposes special procedures concerning the collection of personal data from clients, users and other parties, and it stresses out the importance of consent and transparency when collecting data. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide in-depth information on the obligations applicable to corporate entities under the GDPR law.  

Types of data under the Irish GDPR law  

Following the regulations of the new legislation on data protectioninformation collected from third parties was divided into two categories – personal data and special category personal dataPersonal data refers to any type of information concerning the identity of a natural person (name, phone number, home address and others).  

When collecting special category data from clients and usersall companies in Ireland will have to obtain special consent if they need this type of information. This is the only manner in which special category personal data can be obtained as, other than this, it will be prohibited to collect it. Under the regulations of the law, this category of information refers to the following:

  • political opinions of the client, religious beliefsracial or ethnic origin of the person;
  • • the person’s state of mental health, his or her sexual life or whether he or she is a member of a trade union;
  • • the person’s criminal record (the person has committed or alleged to have committed any offence);
  • • whether the person was a part of any proceedings related to an offence he or she may have committed. 

Legal aid in implementing GDPR measures in Ireland  

Our team of Irish lawyers can offer more details concerning other provisions of the GDPR legislation in Ireland and provide legal assistance on how this regulation affects both natural persons and legal entities. Our lawyers can advise on personal data inventory and data retention and notification, through which companies will inform their clients on the types of data they will collect. 

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland for more details referring to the GDPR legislation, as our attorneys can provide legal assistance on the policies concerning personal data protection and can also offer personalized consultancy services and legal representation on any aspect of the new Data Protection Law.