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Legal Services in Ireland

Legal Services in Ireland

If you want to set up a company in Ireland or if you need legal representation in the Irish Courtsour lawyers can always help you. Our Irish law firm can provide clients with personalized solutions for numerous legal matters, such as commercial law, legislation for foreign investments, taxation lawemployment law or banking law

In the case of local or foreign persons who are interested in opening a company in Irelandour team of Irish lawyers, with an in-depth experience in the field, can provide step-to-step assistance on the incorporation requirements, the documents that need to be submitted with the local institutions, as well as advice on the most suitable business form that can best represent the investment plans of the businessmen.

We invite you to watch a short presentation on the legal services we provide in Ireland:

All commercial litigations above EUR 75,000 are dealt with in the Irish High Court, but the ones with a value over EUR 1 million are addressed in the Commercial CourtOur attorneys in Ireland have extensive experience in a large variety of litigation situations. If you need consultation for any legal matters, please address to our Irish law firm

In order to bring a claim into an Irish court, it is necessary to know that certain limitation periods apply. For example, litigation cases deriving from the contract legislation in Ireland can be brought in front of the court in a period of six years since the date in which the breach of the contract took place. 

When discussing matters such as personal injuries, such claims can be brought in front of the court in a period ranging from two and up to six years; for those involved in any real estate property litigation cases, the period increases up to 12 years and our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide in-depth information concerning the legislation on the matter.   

Our team also offers court representation in other situations, such as divorce in Ireland.

Legal consultancy in company formation in Ireland

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Irelandour local law firm can provide you with the most suitable solution, according to your business plan. The experts at our law firm in Ireland can offer you assistance related to the Irish documentation, taxation system and legal environment. Some of the most common registration aspects are presented below: 

registration of a trading name the manner in which this procedure is completed depends on the type of company selected for registration
choosing a legal entity our law firm in Ireland can offer professional assistance in choosing one of the business forms prescribed by the new Companies Act, which has enlarged the options for the company types that can be incorporated in this country
register for tax purposes any commercial company set up in this country needs to be registered with the Revenue Commissioners and this procedure also varies depending on the legal entity selected by the investors
hire employees  when hiring Irish workforce, any company is legally required to register for a set of taxes related to employment, such as the Universal Social Charge or the Pay Related Social Insurance

Branch versus subsidiary in Ireland

When opening a business in Ireland, an entrepreneur should know that the Irish government offers incentives for foreign companies opening a branch office. Foreign investors should also know that the branch is not considered a different legal entity, as opposed to a subsidiary. Thebranch can also represent advantages in terms of taxation. Our Irish law firm can provide you with all the necessary information in choosing a branch office or a subsidiary, according to your business needs.  

On the other hand, the subsidiary provides a set of advantages to its parent company, as it is considered a separate legal entity. It is necessary to know that an Irish subsidiary will be treated, from a tax point of view, just like any other company registered in this country; our law firm in Ireland can advise on the main tax requirements applicable for this structure, which take into consideration the following: 

  • • it is compulsory to register for the taxation of employment activities and thus, it is necessary to subscribe to the taxes designed for this purpose;
  • • at the same time, the subsidiary has to register for value added tax (VAT) and corporate income tax;
  • • the company is required to file a set of accounting documents, such as its tax accounts, which have to be submitted to the Irish Tax and Customs Revenue Online Service, a procedure that may be completed on the online platform of the institution;
  • • since it is liable for the payment of the VAT, specific accounting obligations will derive from this, in the sense that the company has to file VAT returns every two months. 

Entrepreneurs who open a company in Ireland can also be interested in working with our Irish accountants. We offer bookkeeping, payroll, and annual reporting services, along with tax filing and payment submission. We tailor our services to the size of the company and its number of employees. With our help, the administration of your business will be simpler and more efficient.

Liquidation of a company in Ireland 

Regardless of the reason you want to close your company in Irelandour team of Irish lawyers can guide you throughout the entire liquidation process, respecting the procedure imposed by the Irish law. The legislation in Ireland distinguishes between three types of liquidation procedures, namely the creditors voluntary liquidation, the members voluntary liquidation and the compulsory liquidation

The latter type of liquidation procedure is handled through an Irish court; in this case, it is necessary to appoint an official liquidator who will handle the procedure. It is necessary to know that the liquidator will be appointed by the competent court in Ireland, who will have the right of conducting a set of specific activities.  

Do you need other types of legal services? We recommend a professional team of drink driving lawyers in London in case you are involved in a traffic offence.

Mergers and acquisitions in Ireland

When a company is interested in a merger or an acquisition, an investor should always ask for legal advice from our law firm in Ireland, as we have a team of lawyers specialized in this type of legislation. A client should know that the mergers and acquisitions market is on the rise in Ireland. In 2014 the most important transactions were recorded in the business sectors of health, pharmaceutics, IT and telecommunications. 

When entering a merger and acquisition procedure in Ireland, we strongly advise investors to address to a team of professional lawyers, as the legal process must be concluded following a set of legal acts. For example, the procedure falls under the regulations of the Companies Act 2014, the Irish Takeover Panel Act 1997, the Competition Acts (2002 and 2014), as well as under the provisions of the European Union’s law on the matter, such as the Prospectus Regulations 2005.

Legal assistance in relocating to Ireland 

Our law firm in Ireland can also assist foreigners who want to relocate here for personal or business reasons with advice on the main regulations concerning this matter. As a general rule, it is necessary to know that the citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA), which also includes the citizens of the European Union, do not need the issuance of special permits for relocating here; however, this regulation is valid for those living here for a period of up to three months.

Our Irish law firm can also help you obtain various licenses or permits, necessary for opening a business respecting the Irish law. If you need further assistance, please contact our law firm in Ireland, which can provide you with legal support on a wide range of civil and commercial matters.  

We also offer legal support in personal legal matters, such as divorce in Ireland. We know that getting a divorce can be a difficult decision and getting a divorce decree is the only way in which both individuals are able to remarry if they wish to. The spouses do, however, need to meet a set of conditions before a court can grant them the divorce. Our team of lawyers can help you with more details.