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Marriage Registration in Ireland

Marriage Registration in Ireland

A wedding is a major event in anyone’s life, which implies a lot of emotions and legal procedures that have to be met, in order for a marriage to be legally recognized. Our lawyers in Ireland can offer you all the relevant information on Irish marriage law, if you plan to have a wedding in Ireland

The Marriage Act in Ireland was recently modified and, since the 16th of November 2015, same-gender couples are entitled to get married and receive a marriage certificateOur law firm in Ireland can provide you with more information about the new marriage legislation

Legal requirements for an Irish wedding 

Under the Civil Registration 2004, the marriage registration procedure is the same, regardless of the fact that the wedding takes place at the Registry Office or in a religious ceremony in a secular church. The couple getting married must offer a notification in person at the Registrar upon this matter, with at least 3 months before the event. The Registrar will provide a Marriage Registration Form, which will be signed after the ceremony by the couple.  If you need legal assistance on the subject, our law firm in Ireland can offer you more details about the marriage law procedures

Marriage registration outside Ireland 

All marriages of Irish citizens that are organized outside the country are recorded in the country where they take place. As a general rule, this type of marriage is not registered in the documents of the General Register Office of Ireland, except for some specific situations; our lawyers in Ireland can present to a detailed situation of this law, if you may need it.   

Even if the marriage is not recorded by the Irish institutions, the document is recognized for official matters in Ireland, if you may need to attest the fact that you are legally married. In the situation in which the official language of the country in which the wedding took place is not recognized in Ireland, you must also present an official translation of the wedding certificate

In case you need advice on marriage procedures in Ireland, you may contact our Irish law firm, where you can receive professional services upon this matter.