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Mergers and Acquisitions in Ireland

Mergers and Acquisitions in Ireland

Mergers and acquisitions represent a measure through which larger companies assimilate smaller companies; the shareholders of the large company can develop their business by increasing the shareholder value. A foreign investor who wants to merge or acquire a company in Ireland should know the legislation on this subject and should also ask for legal representation; our Irish lawyers can provide you with the necessary information on the mergers and acquisitions procedures

company acquisition happens in the moment when a larger company is interested in buying a smaller business. A merger is a procedure through which at least two companies with common business visions unite under a single legal entity

Mergers and acquisition procedures in Ireland 

The mergers and acquisition (M&A) market in Ireland has increased in the last years, mostly in the financial and pharmaceutical industries. As Ireland represents a Tech Hub in Europe, analysts have pointed out that many international technology companies will soon be interested in M&A of smaller, local companies set up in Ireland. If you are a foreign investor interested in a merger activity in Irelandour Irish law firm can offer you assistance and recommendations according to your plans. In 2013, the M&A market in Ireland reached the value of EUR 38.59 billion, compared to a value of EUR 27.73 billion in 2012. 

Only several types of businesses can get involved in these activities; as such, M&A procedures could be performed in case of limited companies, private companies limited by shares or public limited companies.

Discussing special issues about a company’s financial status is common in case of mergers and acquisitions. During this stage, the services of an accountant can be useful for obtaining new financial reports and analyses. Once the M&A transaction is complete, our accountants in Ireland will provide adequate services, according to the needs of the newly resulted legal entity. 

We invite you to watch our concise video about mergers and acquisitions in Ireland:

Legal framework for mergers and acquisitions in Ireland

The legal framework under which mergers and acquisitions are regulated is the Companies Act 2014. The document provides stipulations on the Contract Law in Ireland and it offers the legal procedures for the sale/purchase of a company. The merger process can also be found in the Competition Act 2012.  

If you need legal consultations for the mergers or acquisitions of companies in Ireland, you can contact our Irish lawyers, who can provide you with in-depth presentation of the M&A procedures