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Open a Business for Repair of Ships and Boats in Ireland

Open a Business for Repair of Ships and Boats in Ireland

Ireland is a coastal country and thus, its shipping industry is very developed, as it assures commercial trading with other countries. Businessmen who want to open a company in Ireland in this sector must also know that most of the Irish imports and exports activities are concluded through shipping

Since this is a developed field of activity, one of its sub-sectors is represented by businesses that deliver repair services for ships and boats. This type of business is usually located near one of the Irish ports, with the purpose of providing immediate assistance to ships that need various types of repair services. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide legal assistance to businessmen who are interested opening a business in Irelandin this field of activity. 

What are the main repair services for ships and boats in Ireland? 

Since ships and boats are different in many ways, the main repair services delivered by Irish companies differ. A ship is a more complex structure compared to a boat and thus, its repair services include a wide range of activities, that have to be completed by specialists in the field, following specific work procedures; some of the most common repair services are presented below: 

  • repair services of the hull, deck and structure or repairs of the steel work;
  • • repairs of the sub-assembly of the ship or of the pipes systems of the ship;
  • repair companies can also replace various parts of the boat or ship, or offer reconstruction services;
  • boats and ships can be redesigned for a new purpose and thus, repair companies can also offer major refurbishment activities or boat lengthening

Is there an institution promoting the Irish shipping sector? 

Yes, Ireland has created the Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO), which is set up as the main national agency that has the purpose of promoting the development of this sector. The Irish shipping sector is a key component of the local economy, accounting for approximately 90% of the country’s trading activities; it is also very important for the transportation of persons and vehicles. Our team of Irish lawyers can provide further information on the trading regulations applicable here. 

In order to start a business as a repair company it will also be required to provide the necessary facilities that can assist in the repair of ships and boats. Please contact our law firm in Ireland for in-depth information on the business start-up costs that are necessary for this type of activity; our lawyers can also assist with information on the taxes available in this sector.