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Open a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Ireland

Open a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Ireland

What does transport equipment in  Ireland refer to?  

Transport equipment generally refers to a wide range of vehicles which are used for the transportation of goods or persons from a place to another. They can refer to cranes, conveyors, trucks, the vehicles used in the automotive sectoraircrafts or the shipping industry. Since there are numerous types of transport equipment vehicles, investors opt to open a company in Ireland that is specialized in the repair of such products. 

In this case, numerous legal aspects should be respected, as the repair of such vehicles should be handled following specific procedures and, more importantly, such businesses should also obtain special permits that will attest their capacity to perform specific repair activities. More importantly, the investors setting up businesses for the repair of transport equipment should also hire qualified workforce and our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide in-depth assistance on the above mentioned aspects.  

Why start a business for the repair of shipping equipment in Ireland?  

Due to the fact that Ireland is an insular state, the shipping industry (for both commercial and industrial purposes) is of high importance for the local economy. When starting the procedure of company formation in Ireland, which can be detailed by our team of Irish lawyers, it can be a suitable ideea to enter this sector in order to provide repair services, as investors can specialize in the  maintenance or repair of a wide range of equipment which is usually employed on a local dock. Such companies can provide the following services:

  • • full range of mechanical, electrical and automation services for ships transporting goods or persons;
  • steel fabrication and repair, as well as pipe repairs or anchorage repairs;
  • companies can also specialize in offering emergency and damage repairs for specific categories of ships;
  • ships can also benefit from renewals of any kind, conversions and certain modifications

However, it is important to know that a company offering repair services to a ship can only do so as long as the ship can enter the floating dock’s premises (thus, it needs to have a certain maximum size), which can vary depending on the Irish dock in which the business operates. Such activities have to be completed by certified employees and investors may address to our law firm in Ireland for advice on the regulations available when hiring repair specialists.