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Open a Representative Office in Ireland

Open a Representative Office in Ireland

Foreign investors can access the business market available in Ireland by opening a representative office, which performs only non-commercial activities. This type of business presence on the Irish market is recommended when a foreign company wants to gather information on the opportunities that can arise on here. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer assistance for the registration of a representative office in Ireland

The activities of an Irish representative office  

A representative office is established in a country in order to conduct various non-commercial activities in the name of a foreign company. Such offices can maintain the relationship between the company and its customers or suppliers from Ireland

At the same time, the representative office (also referred to as a liaison office) can conduct market research and promotional activities. As a general rule, this type of establishment is not very popular, as it does not provide the possibility to perform activities which can create financial gains in the benefit of the company. 

It is important to know that the liaison office can’t issue or sign various documents, such as invoices or contracts, in the name of the parent companyour team of attorneys in Ireland can offer more details on the permitted activities in Ireland

Incorporation of a representative office in Ireland 

Although the representative office can’t be incorporated following the entire procedure applicable at the registration of the commercial companies, the entity will have to be registered at the Companies Registration Office (CRO), where the businessman will receive the approval on the trading name of the office.

The registration procedure is similar with the one available for other legal entities, but it is important to know that the liaison office is not required to comply with the corporate taxation system applicable in Ireland, as the entity does not conduct commercial activities.   

Businessmen interested in receiving further information on the registration process of a liaison office can address to our Irish law firm for legal assistance.