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Open an e-Commerce Company in Ireland

Open an e-Commerce Company in Ireland

Ireland has a population of almost 5 million citizens, 85% of them using internet servicesSetting up an e-commerce company in Ireland can represent an attractive way of starting a business here, as almost 2 million citizens are also using e-commerce companies for shopping activities. This economic sector increased in the last years and, at the level of 2015, the sales of the e-commerce companies accounted for EUR 5.9 billion. On annual average, Irish online shoppers spend a total of EUR 3,143 for various purchases. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide legal assistance on the registration procedures and investors can also benefit from advice on how to start a website suitable for this type of activity. 

The Irish e-commerce sector 

The online services provided through smartphones have helped with the development of the Irish e-commerce sector. In 2016, this sector increased by 45% compared to the previous year, representing a top economic activity contributing  to the Irish Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At the level of 2016, the sales of the e-commerce sector in Ireland represented 6% of the local GDPOur team of Irish lawyers can offer more details on the requirements applicable to e-commerce companies

The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of an Irish e-commerce company:

Investors who want to open a company in Ireland operating as an e-commerce business should know that the top sales were registered by the following types of business activities:

travel sites (increase of 79% in revenues);

retail websites (increase of 24%). 

An important aspect related to the Irish e-commerce activities refers to the usage of smartphones, which became the top devices for entering e-commerce websites (45% of the online traffic derived from using smartphones). Other top devices for accessing websites are: 



Legislation for e-commerce websites in Ireland  

When opening a company in Ireland in the e-commerce sector, the investors should respect a set of regulations for the domain name their website can have, the website’s contentprivacy matters, terms and conditions that regulate the relation between the customer and the company and numerous others. 

Some of the main regulations on this field are the following: 

The Consumer Information Regulations;

E-commerce Regulations;

The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act

Our lawyers can provide in-depth information on the above mentioned regulations, as well as on other matters referring to this field of activity. Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland for consultancy services.