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Prenuptial Agreement in Ireland

Prenuptial Agreement in Ireland

prenuptial agreement in Ireland is a document which is signed by a couple, prior to getting married. The legal document can contain a large number of provisions related to financial and property aspects, but also aspects related to various payments and child support, in the case in which the couple will get a divorce at some point in time. The prenuptial agreement is a very useful tool during the divorce procedures, as the parties have already agreed on the manner in which their common assets will be shared in this situation. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal advice on the provisions that should be included in the prenuptial agreement

Legal aspects related to Irish prenuptial agreements 

According to the Irish legislation, any couple interested in signing a prenuptial agreement may choose to do so. The document can be a useful manner through which various grounds related to the couple’s separation will be handled, such as in the case of judicial separation or even divorce

It is important to know that the legal system in Ireland does not oblige the Irish courts to enforce the regulations of the prenuptial agreement and our Irish law firm can provide more details on this aspect. 

Validity of a prenuptial agreement in Ireland  

prenuptial agreement in Ireland can become valid only if certain aspects are satisfied, as presented below: 

  • the document is concluded by both parties prior to starting the legal procedures concerning the marriage;
  • the agreement should state particular situations which will be handled during the divorce procedures;
  • it is important that both parties disclose their financial assets;
  • both parties have received legal advice when concluding the document;
  • the division of assets should be performed in a reasonable manner, advantageous to both parties;
  • the document has been signed few months prior to getting married

It is important to know that a valid prenuptial agreement must be signed with minimum 28 days prior to the wedding formalities. At the same time, it is necessary to witness the drawing of the written document. 

When you choose to sign a prenuptial agreement, it is not for the possibility of later having to get a divorce in Ireland. The arrangement is one meant to allow the individuals to have a guideline on how to proceed in several types of scenarios, at the same time taking into account the well-being of both spouses. If you have questions about separation, you can discuss them with our team.

Persons interested in receiving further information on the Irish prenuptial agreement are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland.