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Our Articles


The services provided LawyersIreland.eu appeared in multiple articles presented by well-known business magazines. Here are some of the articles presenting our work: 

1. The value of the Irish dividend tax 

“In Ireland, the dividend payment received by an Irish resident company from another Irish resident company is generally exempt from tax. Irish companies that receive dividend payments from foreign corporations must pay taxes on that dividend payment.”

2. The procedure for relocating a company in Ireland

“Investors choose to relocate a company to Ireland particularly because of the low corporate income tax rates and its pro-business policies. Foreign investments receive important attention from the Government and foreign entrepreneurs enjoy the same rights as nationals.”

3. Investment programs, ways to obtain the Irish citizenship   

“An attractive option is to seek citizenship by enterprise investment in Ireland. This means investing in an existing or a newly created Irish company for at least three years, with a minimum investment of 1 million euros.”

4. The advantages of an Irish shelf company

“The choice between a new company and a shelf company can also be location-specific. Entrepreneurs can choose to buy a shelf company in Ireland if they wish to start their business activities as soon as possible.”

5. How to open an e-commerce company in Ireland

“An Irish eCommerce company cannot run without a website, which needs to be registered with the IE Domain Registry Limited. The company can use the .ie or the .com domain name. A particularity about Ireland is that in order to register a domain name here, the company or the person selling goods online must prove they are Irish residents.”