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Resolve Commercial Disputes in Ireland

Resolve Commercial Disputes in Ireland

Foreign investors who are involved in a commercial dispute can resolve their case by using several legal methods, which can be addressed to the Irish courtsOur team of Irish solicitors can represent clients in commercial litigation cases by providing a set of legal actions, chosen in accordance with the specifics of the case. 

Mediation in commercial disputes in Ireland 

Mediation is one of the alternative dispute resolution methods to which investors with companies in Ireland can address to in the situation of a commercial dispute. Mediation is intermediated by a third impartial party that can provide a way in which both parties involved can agree upon.

The process comprises of a set of discussions to which the parties involved can express their ideas related to the case; although the process does not legally require the assistance of the lawyers representing both parties, it is recommended to receive the legal assistance from our Irish solicitors, who have an extensive background in this field. 

Commercial disputes, resolved in the Irish courts 

In the situation in which the mediation procedure fails to provide a solution to which both parties can agree upon, the case will be further analyzed in one of the Irish courts which have the capability to assist any type of dispute. 

The Irish Commercial Court was incorporated in 2004 as a subdivision of the High Court. As a general rule, the Commercial Court deals with disputes in which the commercial claims are above EUR 1,000,000. It is important to know that a significant part (more than 50%) of the commercial disputes held in the court settle the case. The court can conclude business disputes in a short period of time (approximately three months), depending on the characteristics of the case, but such a case can last longer than a year. 

Some of the claims that can be brought in front of the Commercial Court refer to: 

  • a contract dispute;
  • commodities sale-purchase claims;
  • import, export and carriage of goods;
  • provisions of services;
  • insurance/reinsurance claims. 

If you need further information on the manner in which a commercial dispute can be resolved in Ireland, please contact our team of Irish lawyers for advice or legal representation. 

We also assist clients who wish to sort other types of disputes, such as those that may arise between tenants and landlords, or estate planning when there is no will. Our team is also able to handle cases concerning divorce in Ireland, namely the disputes that may arise in relation to the division of property after separation, matters concerning children and child maintenance, and more.