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Resolve Employment Disputes in Ireland

Resolve Employment Disputes in Ireland

Working environment is regulated by a set of rules prescribed by the Irish legislation. At times, the employers and employees may face, due to various reasons, employment disputes which can be resolved either through alternative resolution methods and that can be dealt with outside the courts, either by filing the case at a local Irish court. Persons who are involved in an employment dispute in Ireland, regardless if they represent the employer or the employee, can receive assistance from our team of solicitors on the ways in which the case can be resolved. 

Workplace mediation in Ireland 

Disputes that may arise in the workplace environment can be resolved under the supervision of the Workplace Relations Commissions (WRC), a body established under the Workplace Relations Act 2015. The WRC provides mediation services to those parties who are interested in resolving the situation in an amicable manner. The parties will receive advice on the case from a mediation officer, whose main interest will be to negotiate an agreement that will settle the employment dispute

The legislation stipulates that the parties can meet face-to-face with the mediation officer, but they can also establish telephone conferences, which will be recorded. The information discussed during the meeting is confidential and it can’t be disclosed if the case will be further addressed in a court hearing; our team of Irish lawyers can provide more information on this matter. 

The Irish Labor Court 

In the situation in which the case can’t be settled through an amicable manner, the parties will have to file a complaint at the Irish Labor Court, which is designed to provide resolutions for numerous work related relations. 

The court can issue recommendations for collective and individual employment disputes, but it can’t impose a legal action that has to be followed by the parties. If the work dispute refers to the breach of an employment contract, the parties are obliged to respect the decision issued by the court. 

The court issues legally binding resolutions for matters related to employment equality, pensions, minimum wage, protection of the employees and many others, as prescribed by the Irish Acts regulating these issues. 

Persons interested in receiving more information on ways in which an employment dispute can be solved in Ireland can contact our team of Irish consultants, who can provide legal assistance.