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Risk Management in Ireland

Risk Management in Ireland

Risk management in Ireland refers to the set of measures that can be taken by a company in order to assess the level of risks to which that certain business is exposed to. It is highly advisable for businessmen to implement risk management strategies, which can be applied to various aspects of the business. Foreign investors who want to find out more details on the risk management legislation applicable in Ireland can receive an in-depth presentation from our Irish solicitors

Risk management – definition 

Risk management is defined by the set of rules applied by a company in order to avoid possible liabilities of the business. The process is comprised of two main steps: identifying all possible risks of a company and offering viable solutions, chosen in the best interest of the business. 

All companies, regardless if they are registered in Ireland or elsewhere, face a specific type of risk, which can differ in accordance with the business field or with the characteristics of the market in which they operate. 

The executive management and the board of the company can receive the legal assistance of our team of Irish solicitors in order to carry out corporate risk assessment, which can improve the value of the business. 

Risk management services provided by our lawyers in Ireland 

Risk management services are available for any type of company, but it is highly recommended to medium and large companies, which have a much more complex corporate structure that can lead to a higher level of riskOur team of lawyers in Ireland can provide you with assistance for the following services:

• risk management policies tailored to the specific needs of the company;

• risk procedures;

• identifying corporate risks;

• implementing an action plan;

• operational risk;

• commercial litigation;

• fraud;

• complying with the local rules and regulations;

• data protection;

• discrimination based on various grounds;

• health and safety matters related to the workplace. 

Foreign investors interested in the risk management services available in Ireland can contact our team of Irish lawyers for assistance on this matter.