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Sports Law in Ireland

Sports Law in Ireland

Persons involved in sports activities in Ireland should know that they are protected by a set of rules and regulations provided by the Sports Law. The legislation refers to sport professionals, bodies established in this field or to businessmen investing in sports activitiesOur team of Irish solicitors can offer an extensive presentation to those who are interested in the stipulations regulating activities in the field of sports

Sport Act in Ireland 

Persons working in the field of sports activities are protected by the provisions of the Sport Ireland Act 2015, which provides the legal framework for various aspects of this type of activity. Sport Ireland is a statutory body which has the legal right to establish policies aiming at increasing the participation in sports activities, to further support athletes in developing their skills, to manage doping cases or to encourage private businesses to invest in this field; our team Irish attorneys can offer more details on the Act enforced in 2015. 

Irish Sport Council in Ireland 

The main body which regulates the activity in the field of sports is the Irish Sports Council (ISC), an entity established in 1999, under the rules and regulations or the Irish Sport Council Act, which prescribed the rights of the institution. 

The ISC is comprised of nine divisions referring to performance in sportscoaching, research or anti-doping. It is important to know that, according to Part II, Section 9 of the Act, the institution will follow the policies imposed by the Government, or those issued by the Ministry. The provisions of the Act stipulate that the entity can’t enter into any type of contract with an entity which contradicts the governmental policies or rules. 

The body is also allowed to propose strategies, which will be submitted to the Government for approval; the projects will be carried out for a period of three years. 

Persons who are interested in receiving more information on the Sports Law in Ireland can contact our Irish law firm for assistance.