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Tenant Eviction in Ireland

Tenant Eviction in Ireland

Tenancy in Ireland is regulated by a set of legal frameworks, applicable to both the tenants and the landlords. Tenant eviction must be completed following the legal procedures and it can be done due to a set of reasons. The notice period in which the tenant should leave the respective rented location is determined by the lenght of the tenancy, as per Residential Tenancies Act 2015Our team of Irish lawyers can assist local and foreign persons interested in this subject with more information on the rights and obligations deriving from a rental contract

Legislation on tenancy in Ireland  

In Ireland, natural persons can rent a house, an apartment or a room belonging to another person living here or to a housing association. The legislation on this matter was recently modified under the Planning and Development and Residential Tenancies Act, providind new rules for landlords. Under the amendments of the Act, applicable starting with 24th of December 2016landlords can no longer serve the termination notice at the same time to a large number of persons who are living under the same housing unit

More importantly, the Act prescribes new rules that better protect the rights of the tenants, in the sense that rental contracts can no longer be terminated by the landlord in the first six months without a reasonable explanation.  

The legislation for renting residential properties stipulates that a landlord is always required to give a written notice when requesting the tenant to leave the premises. If the parties have signed a fixed-term tenancy, the landlord can’t evict the tenant, unless the latter was in the breach of contractOur team of lawyers in Ireland can provide further information on the stipulations of the fixed-term tenancy contract

Notice periods in Ireland  

The notice period in which the landlord can ask the tenant to leave is determined by the time spent by the latter in the respective location. For example, in the case of tenancy contract with a length shorter than 6 months, the landlord should give a 28 days notice, which can gradually increase up to 32 weeks, in the case of tenancy longer than 8 years old. The notice of termination should also contain specific provisions and we invite you to contact our law firm in Ireland for legal advice on this matter.