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Trading in Ireland

Trading in Ireland

All states have developed trading relationship amongst them, as import and export activities represent a major aspect of every economy. Ireland is an important business market in Europe, not just because of its advantageous taxation regime and trained labor force, but also because of the products exported to the rest of the world. If you want to invest in the trading market in Irelandour Irish lawyers will provide you with all the information you may need. 

Exports in Ireland

At the level of 2014, Ireland has had very good outcomes in terms of exported goods and this was determined by an increase of 31,2% in exported organic chemicals, compared with the precedent year. In 2014, half of the Irish products were exported on the European Union’s market. If you are interested in opening a company in Ireland in the field of trading, our Irish lawyers can offer you legal representation on your endeavor. 

Import and export in Ireland 

Ireland is one of the world’s exporters in terms of pharmaceutical products. At the level of 2015, Ireland’s exports of such products represented 28% of the total export. The most representative products exported by Ireland are: organic chemicals, data processing equipment and software products. 

Ireland imported the following: electrical machinery, fuel, motor vehicles and food. 

The main trading partners for Ireland are United Kingdom, Germany and France and from outside the European Union, China and United States of America. 

In 2015, exports of pharmaceutical and medical products increased by 5% compared to 2014; the value of the exports reached EUR 8,250 million. More than half of the exported goods, more precisely, 58%, were sold to the European Union’s market, accounting for a total value of EUR 5,002 million. The second largest export market for Ireland was USA, which accounted for 22% of the sales.  Our law firm in Ireland can provide you with more details on the trading market

If you need further information on the trading activities in Ireland, please contact our team of attorneys in Ireland, specialized in commercial and business law.