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Transportation Law in Ireland

Transportation Law in Ireland

Transportation in Ireland is regulated by several laws, which have the purpose of making the traffic safer, for all types of actors involved in it. If you are interested in opening a company in Ireland with activities that require transportation with a vehicle, you should know that the law specifically requires to you to respect several regulations, drawn for the safety of your employeesOur law firm in Ireland can offer you more information on this subject. 

Employer’s obligations  

If your company in Ireland requires from several employees to drive by car during working time, or if your business activity involves transportation (of goods or people), you must ensure that the following rules are respected: 

Duty of care – The employer has the legal obligation to verify, when a work related transportation is scheduled, that the driver/team of drivers is able to drive, that the vehicle and its equipment are in good conditions;

Safe system of work – the employer must also check if the vehicle loads are secured; according to the transportation load, you have to have a safety statement which will present all possible hazards that may occur during transportation; the statement must present possible risks for the employees as well; our lawyers in Ireland can provide you more details about the document. 

Information, instruction and training – you also have the obligation to offer to your employees training and information that would protect their safety during their transportation.

European Union’s rules on driving 

Ireland is a member state of the European Union. As such, transportation legislation must comply with the EU’s laws. Any employer in Ireland, who has operations in the field of transportation, must respect the following EU laws:

• The employer can’t request the employee to drive under unsafe weather conditions; according to this, the drivers have to respect the schedule on driving hours, breaks and resting time; our Irish lawyers can offer you more information on this law. 

• The employer should never try to force a driver to finish his journey earlier than previously established.

If you need to register a company in Ireland with operations in the field of transportation, please contact our Irish lawyers, who can present to you the legislation on this matter.