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Wealth Management in Ireland

Wealth Management in Ireland

Persons who are interested in protecting their financial assets can invest in wealth management services.Asset management refers to the financial investment advice offered for the protection of financial assets of a company or individuals. Foreign investors or natural persons who want to protect their assets should request the assistance of a wealth manager, who can create an investment plan according to the needs of the client and his financial situation; our lawyers in Ireland can represent your interests in this process.

We are a team who is able to provide information on inheritance, asset planning, pensions and investments. Investors, high-net-worth individuals, and other individuals who need specialist advice, apart from the basic information offered in this article, can reach out to our agents.

Wealth manager in Ireland 

Wealth management services are provided by  managers, who will offer their financial input in accordance with the client’s needs and current financial situation. The wealth manager will set up a plan which will increase the fortune of the client. The client will meet with the wealth manager on a regularly basis to establish new financial goals or to review various aspects of the management plan. 

The wealth manager is a person who can offer a financial approach that takes into account legal, financial or tax advice; our law firm in Ireland can provide you with further information on this matter. 

These types of services related to asset management in Ireland are commonly offered by specialized companies, or professionals. When clients choose to work with a company specializing in asset management in Dublin, they should know that this needs to be properly licensed and comply with the rules and regulations set forth both in Ireland and by the European laws. Alternative investment fund managers are also subject to requirements.

When choosing to work with a wealth management company, one should make sure that it is licensed as per the industry requirements set forth by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Ireland is a preferred location for asset management purposes, given the fact that this industry has grown rapidly and significantly in recent years, and companies specializing in asset management in Dublin are commonly sought. Some of the available industry statistics show the following:

  • the total value of the assets managed in Ireland was approximately €5.2 trillion in 2020;
  • there were 7,707 funds domiciled in the country;
  • the net value of alternative investment funds in the country was €732 billion.

The fact that investors have access to a wide range of funds, as well as the fact that the country has a good regulatory framework are favorable characteristics when discussing the option for asset management in Ireland.

Our team of lawyers in Ireland focuses on providing legal assistance and expert advice to clients interested in knowing more about the regulations in the industry, as well as how to bets protect and manage their assets. However, we also provide business solutions for investors who are willing to set up an investment firm or management company in Ireland that will offer services for asset management in Dublin. We guide those interested through the process of setting up a company or setting up a fund in Ireland. Expert legal advice is recommended in these cases as the company will need to observe a number of regulations and, as mentioned above, be subject to licensing and control from relevant Irish authorities. You can talk to us if you need information on how to open a management firm and how to obtain the authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland. We provide complete details about the regulatory regime, as well as the rules applicable to the senior management in these types of companies.

Services for asset management in Ireland 

Wealth management services can be provided for a wide range of financial assets, belonging to both natural persons and legal entities. As such, the wealth managers in Ireland can provide you with the following services: 

  • financial planning refers to the ways in which a person can protect his or her money, which can be invested in retirement plans, savings for the children’s education and many others;
  • the pension fund can be accessed by a person according to the contract he or she signed; as a general rule, persons investing for a longer time in a pension fund will benefit of more financial growth;
  • the investment portfolio management, created for investing in an investment fund, is a service to which both individuals and companies can participate;
  • asset management in Ireland can also include advice and assistance for those interested in exploring the options available to them for investment banking services (commercial banking, retail banking, sales and trading, equity research, etc.)

Asset management in Dublin consulting is a service that helps companies prepare and implement changes that will be in line with the predicted evolutions in their business sector and, as such, will help those legal entities remain prepared for the changes that will take place in their sector in the near future.

A consultant specializing in this field can help companies manage their assets (resources) irrespective if their type. He will also provide adequate strategies for growth and increasing sales, with a focus on helping their client firms focus on realistic revenue enhancement sources. When discussing asset management, the human capital is a valuable asset, and so are the digital and technology resources.

Audit services, as well as risk management solutions are part of a complete asset management in Ireland tailored as a package for companies. Some of the services include the following:

  • Risk management: corporate governance review, organizational effectiveness training, assistance with compliance, various risk mitigating strategies;
  • Audit: services meant to ensure the company and its stakeholders of the effective internal workings; internal audit services can also focus on implementing better internal audit and risk management methods;
  • Regulatory advice: complete information on the rules that need to be followed, advice on the applicable regulatory obligations, as well as regulatory remediation;
  • Reporting: assistance for making the needed submissions for fund administrators; can be part of the asset management in Dublin package.

A distinct area of services is related to tax consulting. This can be very important for structuring investment vehicles, as well as for due diligence, VAT advice, and tax information reporting, as needed. a team of experts, such as our own, can also provide details on corporate taxation, as well as transfer pricing.

If you have questions concerning wealth management in the context of divorce in Ireland, our team can answer your questions about the distribution of assets, as well as other important matters. We will give you complete details on how to apply for divorce, as well as the documents needed for this process and the rules that need to be followed (such as already living apart from each other).

If you need further information on the wealth management services in Ireland, please contact our Irish law firm for legal representation.