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Why Choose our Law Firm in Ireland?

Why Choose our Law Firm in Ireland?

Both natural persons and legal entities, local or foreign, may need legal advice for various legal matters. Although Ireland is a member state of the European Union (EU) and thus, applies the directives imposed by the Community, it also imposes various regulations which are applicable under the national legislation.

Our Irish lawyers can offer legal assistance for various legal aspects, which can relate to the incorporation of a new company or to the tax regulations applicable for various business forms available here, such as commercial companies or investment funds. At the same time, the attorneys working at LawyersIreland.eu can provide legal representation for matters related to the civil legislation – marriageinheritance or drafting a contract under the applicable law. 

Our lawyers have an empathic approach to cases that can carry significant emotional burden, such as divorce in Ireland. The decision to separate from a spouse is not always an easy one and our team will guide you throughout the process of divorce in Ireland with careful consideration. If you are interested in terminating your marriage, you can rely on our team for guidance and support.

Consultancy for company formation in Ireland  

Although the company registration procedure is rather simple in Ireland, it is advisable to receive assistance from a local specialist, who is familiar with the current legislation applicable to various aspects of the incorporation. When opening a company in Ireland, one of the most important aspects that investors should clarify is the legal entity of the company under which they will carry their business operations. 

The following video offers a short presentation on the legal services provided by our law firm in Ireland:


For example, the limited liability company provides attractive conditions for the shareholders, as they will be legally responsible for the company’s losses only in respect to the number of shares they own in the business. Our lawyers in Ireland can help entrepreneurs to choose a suitable legal entity, in accordance with the capital they can invest in an Irish company

Closing a company in Ireland 

At times, due to a wide range of reasons, the investors may be faced with the possibility of closing the company down. Regardless of the reason, the liquidation procedure must be handled following specific rules applicable under the Irish commercial legislation and, in this case, it is necessary to receive legal assistance

Legal entities in Ireland  

Following the Companies Act 2014, investors have a more flexible legislation to rely on when setting up a company in Ireland. The Act prescribes new types of private companies that can be registered here, such as the designated activity company

Persons interested in receiving more details on the legal services provided in Ireland are invited to contact our Irish law firm