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Obtain Information About Irish Companies

Obtain Information About Irish Companies

The main body that manages information about Irish companies is the Companies Registration Office (CRO), which can provide data on various parameters regarding a certain Irish business. The CRO platform offers a wide range of search tools, useful for individuals interested in finding out specific details on businesses in Ireland, as well as the business names available here.  Our team of attorneys in Ireland can help you reserve a business name and set up a new company in the country.

Companies Registration Office in Ireland 

CRO is the main regulatory body under which all companies in Ireland functionCRO is set up to regulate and control the following: 

• local and foreign entrepreneurs setting up a new company in Ireland have to register the company through CRO on-line platform; the registration of the business name of the company is also done through CRO;

• according to the Irish legislation, the post-incorporation documents must be filed at the CRO;

CRO applies the rules and regulations stipulated by the Companies Act 2014;

• information about companies incorporated in Ireland and their business activities are made public on the CRO’s on-line platform. Basic information on a company (annual return, company namebusiness name) is free of charge; for a detailed report on a companyCRO applies a fee. Our law firm in Ireland can offer you an in-depth presentation on the procedures applied by CRO

Information offered by CRO in Ireland 

In order to find out certain information on a company in Ireland, persons interested will have to use the “company search” tool, by accessing the “company search environment”, which will provide basic information, such as:

• the office address of the company;

• the name of the company;

• the incorporation type;

• the registration date; 

• the company’s status. 

In order to receive a more detailed presentation on the company, you can order from CRO a report for which you will have to pay a fee of EUR 3.50 or EUR 12.00, according to the type of report you want. 

If you need further details on how to obtain information about Irish companies, please contact our Irish law firm