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Land Registry in Ireland

Land Registry in Ireland

Persons who are interested in buying property or a plot of land in Ireland should know that there are no restrictions in this sense. The main body regulating the procedure on land registry is the Property Registration Authority (PRA), which enforces the applicable legislation in this domain. Individuals or legal entities who want to know more about the process of land registration in Ireland can receive an in-depth presentation from our Irish lawyers, who can assist you in the legal aspects of such a purchase. 

Irish land authorities

The Property Registration Authority (PRA) functions under the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006 and it has the legal authority to control the two main Irish bodies which can issue documents on property transactions

Ireland is one of the most developed states in terms of land registration, providing modern means of registration. At the moment, there are two main bodies which can issue legal documents for the acquisition of land or property in Ireland

Land Registry – offers a title on the property which is guaranteed by the Irish state;

Registry of Deeds – issues a written document which has effects on the aforementioned property. 

Irish Land Registry 

The Irish Land Registry is a body in which the Irish authorities have invested throughout the years in order to create a modern and flexible registration scheme. Most of the land transactions in Ireland are completed through the Land Registry, as 93% of the titles issued for land purchases are issued by this entity. 

It is mandatory to register at the Land Registry under the following circumstances: 

• the land has been bought under the Land Purchase Act;

• the land has been bought by a local authority after the date of 1st of January 1967;

• land transactions registered in several Irish counties, such as Cork, Dublin, Limerick; our Irish solicitors can provide you with a complete list on this matter. 

Registry of Deeds in Ireland 

The body was set up in 1708 and it has as a main function to register the deeds affecting properties in Ireland. The records held at the Registry of Deeds can be accessed by the public either by requesting documentation which will be delivered by post, either by accessing the archives of the statutory authority; you can also access this documentation online, at landdirect.ie

If you need further information on the land registration in Ireland, please contact our Irish solicitors, who can provide you with assistance on purchasing a property here. 

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