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Open a Plumbing Business in Ireland

Open a Plumbing Business in Ireland

The Irish plumbing industry is represented by the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Ireland (APHCI), an institution which was set up in 2010. Companies operating in Ireland in the plumbing and heating industry can register as members of the institution, which acts as an intermediary between businesses set up in the field and the local government, by representing their interests. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide legal assistance on the registration of a plumbing business in this country and can help you open a company in Ireland fast and easy.

Who can become a member of the APHCI?

By becoming a member of the APHCI, a plumbing business in Ireland can be better represented on the local market; although the body became recognized as a legal representative of this industry only several years ago, it has set up several branches in the most important Irish cities, such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick and others. The following entities may register with the APHCI

  • persons and companies operating as registered gas installers starting with 31st of December 2009;
  • persons and companies operating in the plumbing, heating, or gas contractor businesses;
  • • in the situation of the above mentioned industries, it is necessary to hold Gas Engineering Qualifications or Plumbing and Heating Certificates (issued for junior or senior levels);
  • persons or companies that can offer relevant proof of an experience in the field (plumbing, heating, gas contractors) of at least 5 years.

Types of plumbing activities in Ireland 

When opening a company in Ireland that operates as a plumbing business it will be compulsory to hire employees who satisfy the minimum requirements imposed in this sector (being the holders of relevant certificates); our team of Irish lawyers can assist investors with more details on this matter. However, it is necessary to know that foreigners who want to obtain a job in Ireland in this sector are not required to comply with special regulations, besides the ones available for local employees

As a general rule, a plumbing business can provide a wide range of services, ranging from unblocking drains, installing shower devices, toilets, sanitary ware, to installing and fixing all types of pumps or resolving limescale issues. Depending on the abilities of the plumbers hired by the company, other services can be available. Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland for advice on the business permits that must be obtained by Irish plumbing businesses