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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Ireland

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Ireland

Opening an advertising and marketing company in Ireland can be a great business idea, considering that numerous Irish companies declared in 2017 that they will spend more on marketing servicesCompanies operating in the advertising sector increased their activities in 2017, as the annual ad spend for this year was estimated at EUR 918 million, which marked an increase of 3,3% compared to the previous year.

The yearly spendings related to this industry increased at a steady pace in the last years, as in 2015 the total amount was of EUR 854,5 million, while in 2016 it was of EUR 885,9 million. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can advise businessmen on the procedures related to the registration of an advertising and marketing company in this country. 

Regulatory body for advertising and marketing businesses in Ireland  

Companies operating in this sector are represented on the local market by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI), a self-regulatory body that promotes highest standads related to the conduct of  advertising and marketing businesses

The body has created the Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland, a document which was established following consultations with the governmental agencies, legal entities operating in this sector and Irish citizens

The Code addresses to a wide category of entities operating in this sector, such as:

  • advertisers and advertising agencies;
  • media specialists;
  • direct marketing companies
  • sale promotion consultants;
  • other related parties. 

Requirements for ad/marketing companies in Ireland 

As prescribed by the provisions of the Code, set up with the assistance of the International Chamber of Commerce, the activities carried out by ad/marketing companies should respect the following requirements: 

legal, decent, honest and truthful conduct;

• have a sense of responsibility regarding the consumer and the society;

respect the principles of fair competition

Our team of Irish lawyers can assist businessmen with more details on the legislation that can apply to companies operating in the advertising industry

These requirements are applied to all the products or services marketed on the Irish territory, and this should also apply to sale promotions, which can be represented by the following: 

  • vouchers or coupons;
  • samples;
  • reduced prices and special offers;
  • promotions

Foreign investors can rely on our help to handle matters related to company formation and management while they are out of the country when signing a power of attorney in Ireland.

Businessmen can contact our law firm in Ireland for consultancy services regarding other aspects applicable to advertising and marketing businesses

In addition to business and commercial matters, part of our team also specializes in divorce in Ireland and other issues related to Family Law, including but not limited to various matrimonial issues, the treatment of finance in relation to your spouse and other family members (estate planning, wills, succession), and child law issues (maintenance, custody, and others).