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Start a Transporting and Storage Company in Ireland

Start a Transporting and Storage Company in Ireland

transporting and storage company in Ireland is registered following the legislation prescribed by the Companies Act, in accordance with the business form chosen by the investors. The main difference during the registration procedure is given by the specific company’s activities that will be developed in Ireland, as transporting and storage companies will need to respect a set of requirements depending on the goods transported or stored here. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide legal assistance on the main aspects that should be concluded here, as well as on the business permits needed in a particular situation. 

Transport of goods by land in Ireland 

The transportation of various goods in Ireland depends on the manner in which these activities are performed. In Ireland, the transportation of goods by land is governed by a set of different regulations than the ones available in the case of sea transportation

For example, in the case of transportation of dangerous goodscompanies carrying these products will need to comply with the European Communities Regulations (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment). Our team of Irish lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the legislation prescribed in this case. 

Transport of goods by sea in Ireland 

In the situation in which the transport will be carried out by sea, the company will need to respect the regulations prescribed by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. If the respective transport will be completed by using both land and sea transportation, the company should complete the requirements prescribed by both legislations

If the company will need to transport liquid oils and fats, the main legislation applicable in this case is the Commission Regulation No. 579/2014

Transport and storage of food products in Ireland 

In the case of transportation and storage of primary food products, a company has to comply with a set of hygiene requirements. The main legislation available in this case is given by the Part A of Annex I of the Regulation No. 852/2004, a regulation which also gives the legal understanding for the storage and transportation of primary food products, including living animals

Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland for consultancy services on the registration of a transportation and storage business.