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Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Ireland

Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Ireland

Intellectual property is protected in Ireland by a set of rules and regulations, prescribing different acts for different types of intellectual property. The term is rather broad, as it can refer to copyright, designs, trademarksbrandsinventions and many others. Although the Irish authorities provide a solid legal framework, at times, various parties can be involved in an intellectual property dispute, which can arise as an effect of copyright or patent infringements or litigious cases. There are several ways in which such conflicts can be resolved and our team of Irish solicitors can provide legal advice to natural persons or legal entities, in accordance with the specifics of the case. 

Legal options to resolve intellectual property disputes 

The Irish legislation has comprised in its local rules the main directives provided by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

WIPO is established in order to provide policies and services related to the protection of the intellectual property

Conflicts that can arise in this field can be solved through several options, in accordance with the characteristics of the case – such as the claims, the reason for which the parties have entered into a conflict, or the wish to settle the case in a reliable manner, favorable to both parties. 

One of the simplest ways to resolve a conflict is through methods which do not involve the ruling of an Irish court. In such cases, mediation is applicable in the situation in which the parties are willing to conclude an agreement

Intellectual property conflicts can be resolved through arbitration, where the decision of the arbitrator will be enforced, according to his or her rule; our team of Irish attorneys can provide more information on this matter. 

Intellectual property conflicts, resolved in Irish courts 

When parties involved in a conflict can’t understand over a settlement, the case can be addressed to an Irish courtIntellectual property cases can be resolved in the Commercial Court, the High Court and the Circuit Court. The cases addressed to the courts can refer to trademark and design litigation, patents, copyright and many others. 

Persons interested in receiving more details on the resolutions referring to intellectual property disputes can contact our Irish law firm